Mastro Custom Woodwork

About us

Three Generations Later...

As of today, Mastro Custom Woodwork is still keeping the same values like it was 30 years ago. No cutting corners, never losing the famous Mastro quality and craftsmanship. When founder Paul finally opened Mastro Custom Woodworks doors in 1981. The company was doing projects for The City of Fort Lauderdale, City of Deerfield Beach. Making custom furniture for fire stations and other city buildings that can still be used and appreciated to this day. Many residential projects also still use us today to sand down and recover old kitchens.

Mastro Custom Woodworks is evolved with times having Kitchens and Wall units featured on the front page of magazines at editors wish. For three months in a row! Advertising in new papers and online. On sub-contractors list for host of HGTV's Color Splash, David Bromstad. Trying to expose our work, for the pride and enjoyment we get out of building furniture.

No job is too big or small for us! We have worked with famous designers such as Peter Marino and Carl Black. We have not faltered to hard economic times. No corners cut and all work is finely crafted. Our main concerns are that major retail stores, such as home depot and lowes and other production line companys say that there cabinets are good quality, and are strong in durability. Our cabinets will outlast production cabinets, will still look great over time and at a better price.

Bars, vanities, closets, wall units, desk, and other custom furniture are not the only things Mastro Custom Woodworks makes. We hand make Cigar and Personal/Tea boxes, Longboards and anything else we can sculpt, shape and bring out the beautiful nature of all woods. Call us crazy, but we get a certain satisfaction out of making a piece of wood into something that can be enjoyed and talked about for years to come. Anything and everything we sell is well thought out, well made and stable, catches the eye, and truly unique since no wood is the same.
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